Curb to Curb lawn care can help beautify your lawn. We can help you with the mowing, pruning, planting,and stone work. Need some ideas to spruce up your lawn? Contact us to set up a consultation.

Lawn Care:
Let us do the mowing for you. We can put you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly mowing to keep your lawn looking the best. Need some help mulching, planting shrubs, trees or flowers? We can help with that too.

Fall/spring Clean-ups:
To keep you lawn looking its best its important to do fall and spring clean up.
Usually around November we can start fall clean-ups. Let us prep your lawn for winter. Remove the leaves and mow the grass one last time.
Then when it starts to get warm out and weather permitting we can complete a spring clean up to get your lawn looking great again. We can sweep the road sand, power sweep to get rid of the dead matted grass, pruning, and remove debris from the winter storms. Please Contact us contact us for a Fall or spring clean up.

Stone and patio work:
Thinking about adding a new walkway or maybe fixing an old one, maybe a new stone patio, fire pit or stone wall. We have lots of experience with differnt kinds of stone. Please Contact us for your next project.