More Services

Lawn Maintenance:
Let us do the mowing and trimming for you. We can put you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly mowing to keep your lawn looking its best.

Fall/Spring Clean-ups:
To keep your lawn in top condition its important to do fall and spring clean up.
Fall clean-up starts around November. To prepare your lawn for winter, remove the leaves and mow the grass one last time before the snow falls.
Rejoice when warm weather comes again. Weather permitting we can start a spring clean between March and May to get your lawn looking great again. Because customer service is out primary goal. We do much more than a mow. We offer services such as, sweep the road sand, a power sweep to get rid of the dead matted grass, pruning, and removing debris from the winter storms. Please contact us for a Fall or spring clean up.

Fruit Trees
Curb to Curb specializes in the care of fruit trees. We can help ailing fruit trees or maintain them. Please contact us for a consultation.

Don't wait til winter to stock up on cordwood. We have wood available all year long and deliver at no additional charge.

Snow Plowing
We are availble for commercial and residental snow plowing, ice control and snow removal. Please contact us to get an estimate.